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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Tarmac Works unveils the new GLOBAL64 line by way of a killer Audi R8

This is an exciting development from Tarmac Works.  One of the newest players in diecast has made a splash with their racing themed models in several scales, including 1/64.

And they have something new, and I think this will appeal to a lot of collectors.  Tarmac is introducing GLOBAL64, a new line of 1:64 models aimed at collectors everywhere.  Look for a wide variety of models, all with realistic rims and rubber tires, suspension, and decos.  And these also come in Tarmac Works' signature container box.  And something that will appeal to many collectors, these models will be cheaper.  Under $10 each.

Tarmac will be unveiling a few models soon, but they are starting with these fantastic first samples of the Audi R8, releasing in several colors.  It is REALLY nice to see the latest R8 in small scale, and these look fantastic.

Look for these to be available for purchase in early summer at the Tarmac Works site.  Lots more to come.


  1. Waiting for Hotwheels to release this version

  2. Comparisons to other brands please at some point.

  3. This could be it! A true supercar-specific line to challenge Kyosho! My interest is piqued; I am excited to see this line grow.

  4. My understanding is that these are the descendents of the Kyosho-OEM, CM cars. They are as good if not better than Kyosho Beads in my opinion